YESS CANADA Scholarship Qualifications

Our Scholarships are for those post-secondary students who are in high need of a helping hand.
Single parent students, students with disabilities, children of a single parent and students coming from a low income situation are invited to apply for our scholarships.
Scholarships will be $500-$1500 in value.

Springboard Scholarships  NEW!

We are pleased to announce our new Springboard Scholarships! Springboard Scholarships are for high school students who need help getting in the door to post secondary education due to either financial or disability obstacles. Our 25 Springboard scholarships, valued at $1500 each, are split between term 1 and term 2 with $500 being awarded in term 1 and $1000 being awarded in term 2.


Original Scholarship

In order to receive a YESS CANADA Scholarship you must meet the following criteria:
    All students:
  1. Have completed your first year of studies.
  2. Have a minimum of 75% average, a 3.0 on the 4.0 scale, or a B average on the Alpha Scale.
  3. Be taking at least a 60% course load.
  4. Allow your First Name, home-town, school, and major be published in YESS Canada literature including but not limited to websites and flyers.

  5. Students with a disability:
  6. Have your disability confirmed by your schools "Students with Disabilities" office or equal.
  7. You may provide documentation from your health provider, for your disability.
  8. Your disability maybe physical, mental, emotional or learning in nature.

  9. Students with High Financial Need
  10. Provide a letter from your Financial Aid office indicating your level of financial need.
  11. Provide last years Notice of Assessment from CCRA.
  12. High community involvement.